Mission and Vision

Our mission is to give our customers a competitive advantage through comprehensive engineering and design support, outstanding manufacturing in low cost countries, quality assurance and superior logistic service. Through trust and commitment we built win-win relationships with our customers and suppliers. We will meet and exceed our customers’ requirements and expectations by

-    Continuous investment in our employees, in training and in the development of our team as we do understand  that our most

      important assets are our employees.

-    Continuous investment in our company to improve our services, equipment and quality even further.

-    Timely, correct and profound communication with our customers and suppliers.

Our vision is that we want to be the most wanted OEM with a strong and reliable supplier network, supported by a well-trained, motivated and devoted team of employees all over the world.



Contact: Roel Kerstens

Phone: (+32) 474 67 99 06

Tel: (+32) 474 67 99 06

Email: info@solemec.com

Add: Hofstraat 23, 2910 Essen, Belgium